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A bay thoroughbred horse with a star and connected stripe, and four white socks. It can be speculated that he is in between the age of 2-3, and unlike most horses today, he was weaned at a much older age than normal which likely lead to his rambunctious behavior. Immediately after being weaned from his mother, Joey was auctioned off for 30 Guineas ($4857.11 USD today) by Ted Narracott, a drunk veteran in need of a plow horse, although Ted did not have the money to pay for both Joey and his family's farm. He was initially very apprehensive towards his new owners but he began to open up more once Ted's son Albert began to train him. Joey did eventually learn to plow but the Narracott's lost the entire harvest from the field he plowed. He was then sold by Ted to Captain James Nicholls for 30 Guineas in 1914 at the beginning of World War I. Joey has a very strong bond with his owner Albert and trusts him more than anyone. Joey also forms a strong relationship with the horse Topthorn and the two are inseparable until Topthorn dies from exhaustion. Joey is assumedly 6-7 years old at the end of the war.

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